Locked Out Of Your Car? Must You Call A Locksmith?


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Locking your keys in the car is a sad reality that can happen to the best of us. If the situation does occur one must remain calm and also recognize that things can be worse. Losing your keys when you are out and about and not knowing where they are at all is much worse. During a car lockout one must appreciate the fact they know where their key is and that getting the key out is not rocket science. Losing your cool and getting yourself riled up about the situation will not help you get back on the road.

Before we get into how a locksmith can easily get your problem solved without causing any damage to your vehicle we will discuss the emergency situation. What do you do if you have a kind locked in the car or any other emergency situation that will not allow you to wait for a locksmith? In this case you can either try to pick the lock yourself or break the window open. If you have no experience picking locks or sliding thin objects like hangers and the such into the interior door you will probably have to break the window. Breaking the window will almost always guarantee shattered glass that can cut you. One must make sure to cover any areas that can be exposed to broken glass that would hurt them. The good news is that most locksmith services work 24 hours and can arrive at your car within 10-30 minutes on average. In most cases it is obviously advisable to call in the professional.

Make sure you make the location, make, and color of your vehicle clear to the locksmith service. In busy cities like NYC or LA it can be a nightmare to find the vehicle in trouble. Once your serviceman arrives he will take out his “slim jim” and maneuver it into the lock button without damaging your vehicle. Most of the time the lock contractor will have a “direct hit” with the slim jim onto the lock. This will cause the lock to pop open easily and you will be on your way.

In conclusion, getting locked out of your car or what’s knows as a “car lockout’ situation is not that threatening. One must remain calm and be a little patient and everything will turn out fine. One must also recognize that a short wait and $50-100 for service is really not the end of the world. Rest assure that in almost all cases the lockout service will be able to unlock the car and get you your key in no time.


A Locksmith Can Save Money On Home Insurance

We all want the safest and most secure home possible. It clear why people want their homes secure, but many patrons have no clue that a more secure home can actually save them money on their home insurance. The more secure a home is the less your insurance premiums will be.

There are many lock and security products for private homes. For simplicity‚Äôs sake and to keep things more straightforward, this article will only mention the basic kinds of locks that keep private homes safe. These are the only kinds of locks that the typical person is likely to be concerned with as these determine the overall security of your home and not just your front door. Most locksmith’s spend 95% of their door & lock workload servicing the following locks:

  • Deadbolts

These locks are usually installed on main points of entry. These come in three varieties with the single cylinder deadbolt being the most common. The other types are double, and lockable thumb-turn. Single cylinder deadbolts use a key on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside for convenience. Do not use this kind of deadbolt if your door is close to any windows. If you are not sure if a deadbolt is right for you, call a local locksmith service and invite them to your home.

Double cylinder deadbolts have no thumb-turn and use a key on the inside and outside of the door. So even if your door is next to a window, it still cannot be opened without the key. While it is more secure, the disadvantage with this lock is the problems it can cause during emergencies like fires or earthquakes.

The lockable thumb-turn has both features of the single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt. It works like a single cylinder deadbolt but the thumb-turn can be locked with a key.

  • Knob locks

These should never be used on its own in main points of entry and work best in conjunction with deadbolts. Several homes in America depend solely on these for their security. The weakness here is that the lock cylinder is in the knob and not the door. These can easily be picked or effectively broken off with a swift swing of a hammer allowing easy access even to careless burglars. You should schedule an immediate consultation with a door & lock contractor if this is your only lock on an entry point.

  • Padlocks

The most recognizable lock in the world, this is the only type of lock that is not permanently fixed in the door. These are available in various sizes and types but are available in two main varieties: keyed, and combination types. Combination locks are actually very easy to bypass. A pad lock is certainly not good for any main entry points to your home. Although a professional locksmith company will have higher end padlocks for sale you should be careful before deciding to use one.

Notably, some padlocks have a shrouded shackle, an extension that raises the sides of the shackle defending it more effectively against bolt cutters.

  • Window locks

Window locks are often overlooked. Break-ins through windows are more common than break-ins through doors in several areas. As with most locks types, you have several options for window locks such as latches, hooks, key tracks, and turnbuckles to name a few. To ensure safety, all windows in your home must have locks and must be readily accessible without the use of a ladder. Consult with a locksmith service regarding which window lock is right for you. Your windows are an entry point to your home, so beware of locksmith’s offering cheap or useless window products.

Contrary to what most people believe, career burglars are systematic in their approach and may take days searching for vulnerable homes and looking for its weak points. Installing locks strategically in all the right areas will keep even the most determined intruders out of your home.

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